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You are passionate about your candidate, your cause, your issue. You need to build your brand, craft your message and get it out to voters or legislators – audiences who are already inundated with messaging from all sides.  To be heard, understood, and rise to become the clear choice, you need the razor sharp skills of Cornerstone Solutions. We are masters of the campaign.

  • Why Cornerstone

    Because you want to win. Winning takes strategy, creativity, passion and experience. We know how to navigate the difficult issues, build your brand, and deliver your message with strength and clarity. We create killer strategies and harness the latest digital technology to execute them. We are always campaigning. It’s what we do best. Let’s get started.

  • What We Do

    We help our clients win political or issue campaigns, or pass/defeat ballot initiatives or legislation. We do it with award-winning strategic and integrated communications plans. We reach the right audience with well-crafted messages via digital and traditional media, expertly navigating the fragmented and constantly-changing media landscape. See what we can do for you.

  • Our Work

    Over the last decade we have run successful political campaigns in 39 states. Will we do for you what worked for other clients? Probably not – because every new campaign brings a different political landscape and new media possibilities. What worked then won’t necessarily work now. We stay ahead of the curve and do what will work best now for your campaign. See our work.

  • Your Strategists

    Each person on your Cornerstone team is a skilled and winning strategist. We have all been through the trenches of many campaigns, and have scored numerous victories for our clients. We don’t just develop strategy – we have the street cred to make it work. Meet the team.

    Chris Sinclair


    Rick Asnani


    Alastair Macaulay



    Political & Digital Director

    Jonathan Cooper

    Political Director

    Kim Leebove

    Director of Operations


Featured Projects


Our Latest Victories

We get to work with awesome clients on important issues, and really make a difference! Here is what we’ve been doing lately.

Digital Media

Cornerstone has launched a new site for Governor Pat McCory.  Using the Nationbuilder platform, we've put the Governor on a powerful platform that integrates social media, fundraising and data all under one roof.  Check it out.


Traditional Media

In the 2016 primary election, Cornerstone Solutions, as part of a bipartisan team , served as general consultants to the successful statewide "Connect NC" Bond campaign. In an unpredictable and volatile election cycle, our team helped guide the campaign to a 66% win margin. The campaign was designed around a simple message, highly targeted to reach voters on social media, PCs, in the mailbox, on the raido and on the ground with heavy grassroots.


The North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA)  wanted to launch a positive, long term branding campaign to highlight the positive stories and impact community hospitals have across the state.  Cornerstone worked directly with the association to develop a comprehensive digital campaign campaign including a new micro site, social and digital ads---all designed to raise brand awareness as well as promote user generated content. 

Our Clients

At Cornerstone, we pride ourselves on the work we do and the excellent clients we have the opportunity to work with. Learn more.




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